Destination wedding on Panarea Island

Panarea is the smallest Aeolian Island which is famous for three main reasons: the exceptional natural beauty of the island, being a popular tourist destination among billionaires and celebrities and being a perfect place for a destination wedding. Celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Jeff Bezos, Will Smith, Rihanna, and Oprah Winfrey have visited the island for its exceptional beauty. However, being host to such popular personalities, Panarea has become the most expensive tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

The enchanting isolation of Panarea is the biggest charm of this small island. It is a perfect place for simple yet luxurious weddings. If budget is not an issue, there is no better place than Panarea for couples looking for a destination wedding.

The exquisite resort is located on the volcano island. it is an elegant and exclusive venue for a classic wedding. Theresia resort offers an incredible opportunity to celebrate a 5-star wedding. the resort comes with a one-star Michelin restaurant known as Il Cappero, which has to be booked separately. if you are looking for perfect Sicilian gastronomy served in the traditional Italian style, then go for them as they are undoubtedly the best.

This classic luxury resort has exceptionally furnished rooms, restaurants, suites, swimming pools and a spa. Your guests can happily spend a few days before or after your wedding according to your plan. A weekend combined with your big day is the perfect way to get the best of this incredible destination.

There is also chosen by couples for its exceptional view of the surroundings. The dramatic view of the sunset and sunrise above the sea is just breathtaking. Overlooking the sea, the vulcanello promontory will give you long-lasting memories.

Another great wedding destination on this oldest and smallest island is the Hotel Lisca Bianca. This ethereal Hotel is one of the best locations on the coast of Panarea. Lisca Bianca stands tall like a beacon on the solidified lava of the high northern shores. What makes this Hotel stand out is the blue and white colour scheme: a typical Sicilian touch. It also gives you the vibes of Santorini for its beyond remarkable scenery and setting above the Mediterranean. a comfortable and romantic atmosphere is produced by the white columns and terraces overlooking the sea. Warm light candles on the balconies create a perfect view of the resort from afar. Couples looking for an intimate wedding and an authentic Sicilian atmosphere should consider Lisca Bianca for their big day.

However, if you are planning to have a countryside wedding, Messina has a lot of options. These aeolian islands offer something for every taste, so read on to know about a few more perfect wedding destinations near Panarea.


The island of Salina is considered to be the most fertile of the Sicilian Islands. It can be easily spotted by the luxuriant and lush landscapes. The island is ruled by a grapevine that twists and turns almost everywhere. The Malvasia vineyard surrounds Capofaro just above the Mediterranean.

The word Capofaro means promontory of the beacon. The name of the Hotel reflects on the large white Lighthouse, which is located only a few steps from the property. Interestingly the Lighthouse also has a suite that can be booked for private use. Spending your wedding night and stepping into your new life in a lighthouse is a unique and rare privilege.

The Hotel has 27 rooms, enough for a relatively large gathering. Each room has its own private terrace offering an unforgettable ambiance for your friends and family. They can have a wholesome time in this countryside setting. The restaurant of the Hotel offers a perfect Sicilian cuisine filled with local products grown and produced in the surroundings.

If you are looking for privacy and having the place all by yourself, you can easily book the entire Capofaro, so you and your beloved are surrounded by the closest friends and family only. Once you are here, it will be your favourite place in the whole of Sicily.

A small concerning thing to be considered is that Capofaro may not be very easily accessible because of its position. It overlooks the sea and is surrounded by dense vineyards. However, if this is the type of atmosphere you were looking for, why not put some extra effort into making your day truly the best.

There are many other wedding destination options in salina, so if this one misses something, you always have a choice.


If you truly want to experience the warmth and Elegance of Salina, there is no better place than the hotel Signum. Signum can be called a true representation of Sicily. It is a fine combination of beautiful flowers, Olive trees and pink limestone immersed in sweet scent and soaked in the sun.

Hotel Signum offers the most serene and wholesome experience on the aeolian island. Having your wedding plan here is just majestic. The Hotel offers numerous basic amenities like a swimming pool and spa in the breathtaking views of Stromboli and Panarea. You will also find a small renovated Hamlet showcasing the history of the territory.

One of the main reasons why you should opt for this magical Hotel is the restaurant. chef Martina Caruso owns the 1 Michelin star restaurant with exceptionally tasty food made with typical Sicilian ingredients. Couples may not opt for this Beautiful Hotel because of its moderate distance from the sea, but it has its own perks and offers an authentic Sicilian atmosphere.

Wrap Up

Panarea is a dream of a Sicilian wedding. The island is made up of a perfect blend of deep blue sky, azure sea, bright sun and lush green surroundings. You can easily choose from a wide range of venues on the island and plan your big day like a pro. Panarea is the most expensive of all wedding destination options in Sicily, but once you are here, you will know why couples still go for it.

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