Incredible Wedding Venues in CefalÙ

Cefalu is a breathtaking setting along the northern coast of Italy. The town is famous for its incredible old town streets and fishing harbor. The long sandy beaches, norman cathedrals, and a small fishing harbor are the few most popular must-visits of Cefalu. The main traffic-free street of the town is lined with shopping centers and amazing restaurants. It runs parallel to the beach, so you can enjoy yourself at the beach and make your way to any restaurant quickly.

The original settlement of Cefalu dates back to the Phoenician times when the Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, and Normans rule the area.

The history, architecture, and natural beauty of the city make it a popular place for destination weddings. Knowing the exquisite aura of the surroundings, the locals have also come up with numerous splendid venues for your big day.

Here are a few venues that can be considered for a perfect wedding in the characteristic Sicilian surroundings.

Cefalu cathedral is one of the most prominent architectural wonders of this medieval town. The sky-high cathedral has a considerable influence on Islam and depicts the presence of the Normans. The cathedral was originally constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries, incorporating Islamic traditions and depicting roman architecture. This combination is popularly known as Norman Arab architecture.

The cathedral is a perfect venue for your dreamy religious wedding. Its interior and exterior are equally stunning, making it a majestic place for such special occasions.

CefalÙ Cathedral

Wine Resort In The Medieval Abbey Of The 12th Century

For couples looking for an exclusive wedding reception, Calette is a perfect setting along the beautiful crystalline Mediterranean Sea. The resort has terraces on several levels that also adds to the exceptional view of this fantastic destination. The elegant atmosphere is perfect for celebrating your big day on the beach or under the olive trees. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, you can easily switch to plan B and arrange your event with large Windows which give a spectacular view of the bay.

Le calette is also popular for its exceptional gastronomy. It offers a great variety of cuisines from around the world to make your wedding even more special. They can easily adjust to individual tests and dietary needs. If you are New to Sicilian cuisine, The Chef can also explain the aromas and flavors of different local products to make sure you know the dishes equally well. Not only this, but the resort also offers a wide variety of packages according to your needs and budget. The all-inclusive package offered by la calette includes everything required for a perfect micro or Grand wedding. You will be amazed by the variety of options available for you to choose from.

Bohu Luxe

Sicily is a popular wedding destination for all right reasons. Passionate and experienced wedding planners are readily available to make your day even more special. Another search-perfect destination wedding location is the Bohu luxe. Professionals from this resort can come up with uniquely tailored events for the style and requirements of the couples. They can easily arrange your big day at any of the numerous popular destinations in the town. The professional team of the company knows but ideas into long-lasting memories and

incredible events. You may opt for an intimate wedding with the closest family or go for a grand event with extended friends and family to make your day even lively and colorful.

Cefalù Sea Palace

Cefalu sea palace is one of the remarkable architectural wonders of the town. It is set in the most exquisite scenery, which is just breathtaking. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the wide terraces of the beautiful rooms with exceptionally large windows. You can also have your candlelight dinner arranged on the Balcony of your room to have a great view with the right emotions. The vast balconies of the Cefalu palace are undoubtedly the most striking feature not only for the couple but also for their guests. The palace makes an excellent venue for a perfect elopement or grand fun-filled wedding. Another exciting thing about this destination is its location. Numerous interesting must-visit places are only a 5 minutes walk from the Cefalu palace, including the historic center, Mandralisca museum, and the cloister.

Wrap Up

Cefalu is the first approach for numerous people who visit Italy for the first time. Not only this, but it is also a preferred location for destination weddings because of its incredible natural beauty and architecture. The Arabs and Normans have left a significant impact on the culture and architecture of the town, and you will easily spot this different side of Sicily. Warmth and Hospitality of the people of Cefalu us unmatched, which adds to the beauty and serenity of the place. The town has numerous stunning venues for weddings of all sizes and styles. You may go for a religious wedding in a cathedral or opt for a luxurious villa to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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