What is your style?

My speciality is the wedding reportage, a spontaneous photographic tale of the wedding day, without fake poses, but taking pictures of single emotion, from smiles to tears of joy.

In the couple sessions I give some indication to get the best light for the photos.

For example: if you love the bride lying on the bed, or similar examples, I’m no the photographer for you.


Do you work only in Palermo?

No, I work for the whole region, nation and when I have the chance, I work for the whole planet, clearly this will involve travel expenses for example: transport and hotel.

Do you make more services in one day?

No, I realize only one service for day, to guarantee the best for my couples.

If you like my photographic style, it makes no sense to send you some other photographer.

How can I make a reservation for my wedding?

You can contact me via telephone, you find the telephone number in the section “contacts” of the web site, or you write me at info@marzullostudio.com, then we can arrange an appointment at my studio or we can arrange contact via skype or video conference (FaceTime, Whatsapp).

When should us contact you?

If you intend to marry in June or July it would be better contact me at least a year before especially if the wedding will be celebrated on Saturday or Sunday, but if the date is available, you can contact me 2 months before the wedding.

We like reportage style, but if we wanted a couple of classic shots with our parents and bridal party, could  you take them?

Yes, of course. I will guarantee classic shots with your parents, brothers and sisters, witnesses, bridesmaids, friends.

Do we have to give you some particular indication?

No, I’m not but if you need something particular it’s not a problem for me.

If you like a picture with a dear friend or a distant relative, you tell me.

How much does a service cost?

Well, it’s not so easy to estimate a price because each wedding is a separate situation and many factors and requirements can influence it. The best things to do is to contact me after having seen my website then we’ll talk about your specific needs which will help me define all the economic aspects.

How much time for delivery?

If you have chosen the service with the album, after 2 months from the event, I’ll send you an email with the access date to the site, so we’ll see a proof of the album and a gallery with all the photos. From there you can request the replacement of some photos. So the service will be delivered in 3 months.

If you have chosen the service with the only files, then the service will be delivered in 2 months.