A wedding in Taormina is a romantic affair offering chick and glamorous surroundings for your big day. It is a perfect place for an intimate destination wedding. The tiny streets and Italian town in combination with the beautiful views of the beaches and majestic Mount Etna. Your guests can spend an enjoyable and fun-filled weekend at Taormina.

Taormina offers a wide range of wedding destinations, including wonderful beaches, hotels and elegant Villas.

Located amid sub-tropical lush Gardens, Villa Sant Andrea is a luxury wedding hotel built in 1830. It was built by an aristocratic family and office, the charm of a perfect private residence. Blue Mediterranean coastline, exquisite landscapes, magical surroundings and the historic Villa create a perfect scenery for you to say, 'yes, I do.’

If you are looking for an ancient yet luxurious setting, the wine resort is undoubtedly a perfect option. It gives a relaxing and rustic mood for your big day. Since the coast and sea are pretty close to the resort. The property sprawls over 200 acres of exquisite vineyards on the Madonie hills.

The resort serves locally produced wine specially dedicated for events and weddings. Even though the outlook of the resort reflects historic charm, it offers some excellent modern facilities like an outdoor pool and spa. It is a perfect place for having an outdoor wedding. It has 29 guest rooms decorated in traditional style, and it can easily accommodate 70 guests. The historical courtyard and panoramic view of the Sicilian countryside and vineyards make the place an ideal venue for a grand wedding.

Right next to the ancient Greek theatre, the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo lies in the heart of Taormina. It was the first hotel to be built in Taormina, offering a great view of Mount Etna and beyond. The most luxurious options in the town give a perfect Italian backdrop chosen by numerous couples around the year. The Classic beauty of the surrounding Immaculate Gardens and exceptional cuisine offered at the Grand Hotel time is just what you want for your destination wedding. Even if you want to go to a church wedding, the hotel is located near the centre of Taormina, making it easier for you and your guests to stall through the town and reach the venue easily.


Beaches are dreamy wedding destinations. The Ionian sea offers splendid views to make your big day a fine day out in the sun. It is a perfect venue for an informal wedding, after-dark celebrations and wedding dinner or lunch. It can also be used for a welcome dinner or party a day before the wedding. Taormina beach club is also perfect for a wedding over scrumptious Italian brunch. You can also book the whole place for your guests so they can have the time of their lives as you step into a new phase of life with your beloved.

Taormina Public Gardens

Couples looking for an impressive landscape can also opt for Taormina public gardens or Villa Comunale. It offers exquisite sea views, calmness and lush landscape. These public gardens are a perfect spot for evening strolls and lazy afternoons. The garden is filled with spectacular tropical flowers, old monuments and an oriental aura. Since the Gardens were conceived by Lady Florence Trevelyan, an English lady, you can also spot the English touch in this picturesque Italian garden. Since it offers perfect views downhill towards Taormina Bay and the deep Sicilian Sea, your wedding photographs could be the best. Even if you are Going to choose an alternative venue, visiting the gardens is highly recommended to have a taste of calmness and tranquillity.

Bay of Taormina is one of the most exclusive destinations in the town. The hotel has a private beach for outdoor wedding ceremonies and a beautifully decorated grand hall. The interior is exquisite, with elegant common areas and charming rooms for your respected guests to stay. If you are looking for a grand wedding with extended friends and family, the bay of Taormina is just perfect. They offer a perfect traditional and classy wedding setup.

Bay of Taormina

Couples looking for a unique wedding location can also choose the ancient Greek theatre of Taormina for their big day. It offers a perfectly spectacular setting between history and romance. It is an exclusive wedding destination that will help you create long-lasting memories. Beyond the Roman Greek pillars of the theatre, you can see the exquisite view of Mount Etna and the breathtaking coastlines of the Ionian sea. If you're looking for an exclusive experience in Sicily, go for this ultimate privilege of having a wedding at the Taormina greek theatre. After the wedding, you can easily head to other locations for the after-party and a romantic dinner with your better half.

Taormina Greek Theater

This Grand resort is one of the best 5-star Hotel options in Taormina. The privilege of having the most enchanting views of the Sicilian Sea. The place seems to be suspended between earth and heaven, offering a great view of Mount Etna and Isola Bella. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens, citrus and olive trees, the resort is close to the Waves breaking on the coast of the sea. It would be a perfect place for your dream wedding because of the luxury amenities and exceptional views of the surroundings.

Wrap Up

No matter what is the size or style of your wedding, Taormina has a perfect venue for you. The location is perfect for micro weddings to grand celebrations. If you plan to have a civil ceremony, go for the 14th century Castle that was once a part of the fortification of medieval Taormina. Choose from a wide variety of venues, including grans hotels, gardens, beaches or remains of ancient buildings.

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