Favignana is a different yet exquisite face of Sicily. It is a perfect place to live a slow and intimate life, unlike most other tourist places in the surroundings. It is the largest of the Egadi Islands sing some of the best natural views in Sicily. It is located 4 miles off the West Coast of Sicily. People love the island for its crystal-clear water and some of the most amazing beaches like Cala Azzurra and Cala Rossa.

Interestingly unlike many other islands on Sicily, Favignana is easily accessible, and you can reach it from Palermo in only a few hours. You can easily enjoy the beautiful views of the island by traveling around on a bicycle or going for a hiking excursion. Being the largest island of the archipelagos, it is undoubtedly the most attractive and liveliest of all.

If you plan to have your wedding arranged in Sicily, why not Favignana?

If you are looking for your wedding celebrations to be pure and honest yet magical and spell bounding, it is no better place than the hotel Delle Cave. It is a perfect place for a floral setting and a whimsical design. The stone gem is perfectly set in natural surroundings reflecting a limestone quarry, huge garden, and beautiful architecture. Couples looking for exceptional value for money should opt for Hotel Delle Cave. It has 14 rooms so it can be easily booked for a small-scale wedding where only the closest friends and family are invited.

The hotel offers a perfect view of the surroundings and all essentials required for a great wedding and long-lasting memories. The earthy tones and natural surroundings of the hotel create perfect vibes for a romantic and peaceful beginning of your new life.

The hotel is located a few meters from the Cala Azzurra cove and offers a very romantic ambiance. They have an extensive wine cellar so don’t worry about the giving your guests the best toast. The restaurant of the hotel offers the best Sicilian cuisine perfect for a dreamy Italian wedding. The Hotel offers family rooms making it even more feasible for a perfect family wedding.


Beach weddings are incredibly popular because what looks better than a beautiful bride in a long white wedding gown holding the groom's hand on the beautiful as your water in the backdrop? Photos of a beach wedding come out perfectly remarkable. You can have your photoshoot arranged at sunset for an even better effect. The golden hour offers the perfect lighting for the best pictures and cherished memories. Favignana beaches are beautiful and romantic and make your skin glow naturally under the sun. Such type of light can only be found on the picturesque beaches of Sicily. If the couples want, they can also have their weddings arranged in the early morning, so they can have a full day ahead on the fantastic private beach and perfect after-wedding photos. Early mornings are also preferred because the waves are low, and the beach is relatively peaceful for a tranquil wedding ceremony where you can hear the Minister speaking and the music playing in the background.


The island of Favignana is a perfect venue for an elegant wedding in the Sicilian surroundings. The island is lively and full of life yet old and full of history. Favignana is a typical Sicilian island that offers a perfect environment to relax with no stuffing of tourists. Another unique thing about the Sicilian islands is that they have exclusive venues for destination weddings. The island is perfect for couples who have been planning their wedding for a long time and want it to be no less than a fairytale. Assamese and civil weddings can also be arranged on the piazza of the town.

Wrap Up

The beautiful Ireland of Favignana is only an hour from Palermo, offering an exceptional location for a destination wedding in Sicily. It is considered to be one of the most romantic areas of Italy. Most couples have had a fantastic experience planning their wedding on this blissful island. The sun, sea, and privacy offered by this small town make your wedding event special.

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