20 May 2021
Dream Lake
There is a hidden place in the Sicilian hills where reality fades into a dream. Love is celebrated between paths and centuries-ol...
portrait bride and groom
12 January 2021
Maria & Giorgio | Over the Walls
If I had to title to the wedding, it would be “Perseverance”. We are in a particular historical period, where all media talk a...
Couple Portrait in elegant destination wedding in sicily
12 August 2020
Elegant Wedding in Sicily, Monreale
Sicily is perfect for an elegant destination wedding. Barbara e Francesco live in Brussels, they both decided to get married in M...
24 July 2020
Cinzia and Riccardo's wedding was defined by a single element, faith. During the period called "Covid", they decided not to postp...
13 June 2020
Smiling Wedding Sicily | Elegance in Palermo
I was very happy when Marta and Maurilio, a couple of my friends, contacted me because they wanted me to be the photographer for ...
Seaside Wedding in Sicily baia del corallo
13 June 2020
Seaside Wedding in Sicily | Baia del Corallo
Do you know that kind of woman who has clear what she wants? If this kind of woman had a name, it would be called Claudia.She was...
6 June 2020
Honeymoon in Sicily | Elegant Portrait Photography
Chontelle and James are an Australian couple who made their honeymoon in Sicily. Their desire was to immortalize their love withi...
5 June 2020
Smiling Engagement in Palermo, Sicily
This is an Engagement Session with Sonia & Giorgio. They are a very nice and funny couple. The session was taken in the cente...
19 July 2019
Coastal Wedding | Taormina, Sicily
Vincenza and Marco are the protagonists of this story. They are a married couple who I had the pleasure to follow in time, having...
Christian Wedding in Sicily
8 June 2018
Emotional Christian Wedding in Sicily, Italy
This is a Christian Evangelical Wedding. Laura and David decided to marry an evangelical rite in the beautiful scenery of Bag...