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The Noto town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the cradle of the Sicilian baroque. The town's natural beauty, architecture and history make you travel in time as you enjoy your vintage wedding. Noto is a perfect wedding destination and a dreamy start to your incredible honeymoon trip. The town has some of the most beautiful rustic spots in the countryside, exceptional baroque architecture and a serene environment. You and your beloved can easily choose your favourite theme in this natural and elegant setting. The wineries, villas, palaces, and downtown offer dreamy locations for a perfect destination wedding. If you check out any list of the best places to get married in Italy, be sure to find one from Noto. Here are a few best destinations for a baroque wedding in Noto.

This rural beach is a perfect destination for a rustic chic wedding. Finding the best place to get married in a town that offers such a huge range of options takes a lot of time. There's a whole world of possibilities, and you are spoiled for choice. Marzamemi is a small fishing village near Noto. The small fishing town has a rich history and a fascinating Outlook overlooking the sea. If you plan on arranging your wedding here, you may opt for the palace of the princess family courtyard and the Loggia. Here are a few recommendations if you want your wedding to be at a classic Sicilian venue in Noto.

Marzamemi Rural Beach

Plaza Ducezio

Being the seat of the town hall of Noto, Palazzo Ducezio is undoubtedly the most popular wedding destination in Noto. It is located at a cross piazza del Municipio and named after king Ducezio who was also the founder of Noto. The palace was beautifully designed in 1746 by Vincenzo Sinatra. Its architecture and design are inspired by French palaces of the 17th Century. However, completing the palace took a lot of time, and the final structure came into being in 1830.

The palace's second floor was designed by architect Francisco la Grasa and completed in the 20th Century. Sala degli specchi, also known as the hall of mirrors, is the most prominent feature inside the palace. It is an oval-shaped hall which was decorated at the end of the 19th Century and dotted with sumptuous mirrors. Since the Mirrors are old, they cannot reflect properly but yet create a magnificent view of the hall of mirrors. The hall of mirrors is all about history, beauty and the importance of architecture. It was last renovated in 2001, and since then, it has hosted numerous weddings every year. Many couples have taken their vows in the hall of mirrors and if you also want a grand and historical place as your wedding venue, go for Palazzo Ducezio.

The Cathedral of San Nicolo is one of the most popular monuments of Noto. The 18th-century Cathedral has perfect baroque architecture. After much work and effort, the Cathedral was brought back into its original shape in 1996.

Couples looking for a perfect Church wedding should go to the Cathedral of San Nicolo as it is one of the most important religious structures in the city. The aesthetic beauty combined with the religious importance of the Cathedral makes it a perfect wedding destination for you. The Cathedral was also listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO for its perfect representation of the Sicilian Baroque.

Some hotels in Noto have a typical Sicilian touch you are looking for your wedding. One of those in Noto is the Baglio Genovesi. It is located at the top of the beautiful lblei mountain made on a farm surrounded by carob, almond and olive trees.

The large terrace of the hotel overlooks the town of Noto.

During summers, the sun shines bright on the dusty architecture of Noto. During winters, the blooming almond trees create a picturesque view.

It is also home to numerous centuries-old olive trees that are still productive. They offer amenities like Amenities Beach, Canoe Hire, Golf Course in the vicinity, Outdoor Swimming pool, Solarium, Tennis Court in vicinities so your guests will not be bored.

The peaceful and hilly landscape of Baglio is perfect for a quiet and serene wedding.

Il San Corrado di Noto is the ultimate luxury experience in Noto. They take the idea of space, luxury and freedom to the highest level. This incredible farmhouse once belonged to prince Nicolaci. The villa is located in the heart of Val di Noto creating an alluring setting right in perfect harmony with nature. It is an idyllic hideaway for micro weddings and an exceptionally luxurious option for large civil weddings.

The architecture of the villa has a classic Sicilian touch offering all essential amenities making it an excellent resort for your respected guests.

Food is essential for any wedding, and chef Paolo Gionfriddo knows all cuisines perfectly. You can have the extraordinary culinary experience of Sicily is a systematic explosion of diverse tastes.

Il San Corrado di Noto beach club is the best option if you are looking for a perfect beach wedding. It has a perfect setting for the best wedding by the Caribbean blue sea. You can also go on a boat excursion trip after your vows and have a great time with each other.

Il San Corrado di Noto

Wrap Up

Noto is The Pearl of Sicilian baroque and offers some of the most beautiful places on the island for a destination wedding. The city was rebuilt after the terrible earthquake in 1963. However, the city was rebuilt beautifully, and its look was enhanced with magnificent palaces, a beautiful Cathedral and splendid terraces. Note also offers a great culinary experience of Sicily, giving you a touch of authenticity and grandeur. A wide range of wedding venues are easily available in Noto, do you and your partner will have to take out some time to choose from such diverse options. You may go for a conventional church wedding with a Sicilian touch or opt for a resort and have your big day planned by the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

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