Do you know that kind of woman who has clear what she wants? If this kind of woman had a name, it would be called Claudia.
Claudia and Alessio got married on 22nd June 2018, she was the organizer of her wedding: from the wedding bags, to the tableau de mariage, she organized everything.
They were looking for a photographer who best told the details they had chosen and told them about their lived emotions, without too many poses and various fictions.

Their wedding was celebrated at the Baia del Corallo, a private place overlooking the sea a few steps from Sferracavallo (seaside resort of the province of Palermo).

Finally they celebrated their wedding in one of the most chosen locations in the province of Palermo,Villeroy Resort.

Message sent by Claudia after two days from the wedding:

Good morning Ale 😊
Excuse me if I write you only now but yesterday to pay off honeymoon .. make the move of the wings and prepare the suitcases I did not have time to write you ..
We wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us ..you always managed to meet my needs .. good team really .. but above all you are beautiful people .. but you in particular gave me security when I was afraid of the time .. you made me laugh when it was time to do it.
So thanks thanks thanks ..”